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Our Story

FDL Consult Inc (FDL) is a relatively small export service-oriented engineering firm, trading since 2001.   While our core business is registered and based in Saint Lucia, we operate satellite offices in various locations to respond more effectively to our clients in our sub-regional Eastern Caribbean market.

The firm’s founder and Managing Director, Gilbert Fontenard, is a professional engineer and business executive, with both public and private sector experience. As the owner of a small firm in a small island developing state, his sensitivity to the vulnerabilities of SIDS, serves as the springboard for FDL’s business goals and strategy. 


FDL is the embodiment of a truly integrated and diverse firm, staffed by a cadre of dedicated and trained employees traversing generations, nationalities, genders and disciplines – engineering, business administration, finance, project management and architecture. 


We embrace public and private sector clients- from the individual desirous of addressing a structural failure in his/ her home or a localised flooding problem; or a non-government organisation seeking technical solutions to a perennial slope instability (movement) in the community; to a government agency seeking to build new or rehabilitate public infrastructure assets. We offer multi-prong and customised solutions to meet the needs of the owners and targeted beneficiaries who are integrally involved in the process and outcome. As demanded by our changing environment we design sustainable, economically viable and resilient solutions grounded in best practice.

Whenever a project requires expertise outside our in-house competence, we form mutually beneficial collaborations with local and international experts to meet the required standards and client’s needs. Notwithstanding physical distance, our modus operandi is sustained by an information and communication technology system that facilities global connectivity, real time data sharing between field and office, real time decisions, collaboration among staff and communication with our clients and other key stakeholders. 

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Our Misssion

Our mission is to provide customised services responsive to the needs of our clients and fluid to meet their continuously changing needs as we recognise the only constant is change. We endeavour to deliver a reliable, efficient and quality based service to our customers' complete satisfaction.

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