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Architectural Design

There is a growing trend among private and public-sector clients towards turnkey projects (design and build services by the same contractor). This strategy is aimed at achieving cost effectiveness, time efficiency and quality for the client. FDL provides services to both the traditional client for design services only, and the emerging turnkey variants. Our capabilities span the ambit of engineering and architectural services from concept through to end of life. Our inhouse team of engineering staff and associate specialist architects collaborate to: 

❖ Produce sustainable designs for institutional,                       residential  & commercial buildings consistent with the       current demands for energy efficiency, resilience, style       and design trends.
❖ Undertake space assessment and redesign of                      repurposed spaces and buildings.
❖ Produce rehabilitation and retrofitting designs to meet         the requirements of modern building codes.

We work closely with our clients throughout the design process to ensure the final product meets their needs & requirements.

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