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Improving competitiveness: enhanced non-destructive testing capabilities

Mural LWD Training l.png

With financial assistance from the Caribbean Export Development Agency and the European Union, FDL continues to invest in and develop its field-testing competencies and efficacy. The newest addition of a light weight deflectometer to our assets and training of our staff in its effective use underpin our ethos for reliable data and capacity building, respectively. 


In addition to our clients’ asset preservation, time and cost-saving benefits derived from non-destructive testing, the data obtained from the light weight deflectometer tests on roads and other pavements will, together with other corroborating data better inform our engineering decisions and invariably pavement designs. Our firm’s quality assurance and control will simultaneously be strengthened by the inherent testing rigour and accuracy. 


We are committed to working closely with our clients and project stakeholders as we strive to deliver the desired level of resilient, cost effective infrastructure demanded by our changing environment and the resulting need for greater adaptive capacity and safety. Critical to achieving this, is the availability of accurate, reliable, relevant, historical and current data obtained through testing and other means.

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