Our Team
Our core team comprises a combination of technical, administrative and management staff.
Senior Management Team

Technical Staff
  • Civil & Structural Engineers
  • Geotechnical Engineers
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Architects
  • Engineering & Architectural Technicians
  • Quantity Surveyor
Management & Administrative Staff
  • Administrative Officer
  • Accountant
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Office Assistant
  • Managing Director
  • Middle Managers & Supervisors
Staff Selection Philosophy
Recruitment and training are guided by the need for personnel to be at the "cutting-edge" of their respective professions. Our criteria for selecting staff include:
  • Experience
  • Initiative and responsibility
  • Full academic qualifications
  • Proven communication skills
We adopt a team work approach to our projects. The size and composition of each team varies in accordance with the size, complexity and expertise requirements of the project being undertaken.
Name: Gilbert Fontenard
Position: Principal/Civil Engineer

Pewlin Fontenard
Programme Manager


Name: Angela M. St. Denis
Position: Administrative Officer

Name: Amos Hippolyte
Position: Senior Civil Engineer
Name: Steve Guest
Position: Senior Engineering Consultant
Name: Roger Claudius Butcher
Position: Engineer/Project Manager
Name: Kristal Mathurin-Charles
Position: Accountant
Name: Kirmone Young
Position: Accountant
Name: Ritus Augustin
Position: Engineering Assistant
Name: Sharon Annelle
Position: Engineering Assistant
Name: Ianner James
Position: Engineering Assistant
Name: Kelvin Emilien
Position: Civil Engineer
Name: Chantel Butcher
Position: Engineering & Project Management Assistant

Name: Cindy T. Cooper
Position: Construction Project Manager

Name: Tricia Denis
Position: Administrative Assistant

Name: Joshua Chad Vitalis
Position: Assistant Construction Supervisor
Neila John
Engineering & Project Management Assistant

Maurice Norville
Position: Civil Engineer
Name: Dewayne Monrose
Position: Geotechnical Engineer
Name: Silvius St. Ville
Position: Civil Engineer
Name: Hyllsi Joseph
Position: Junior Quantity Surveyor
Name: Yanik Lubin
Position: Civil Engineer

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